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Are You Fit?

August is the offseason for most basketball players, even those that play on a select team. That makes it a perfect time to assess just how “fit” you are, and to take some time to build core fitness. So just what does it mean to be “in shape?”

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are four categories of fitness: aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition (BMI). Just how to go about testing yourself in each of these is the subject of intense debate in the world of personal trainers and fitness experts.

Back in your parents’ and grandparents’ teenage years, every school-aged child went through a battery of tests each year in order to see how they ranked against other kids across the country – it was known as the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

Although it went through many variations over the decades, most included the same basic physical tests. In order to qualify for an award, you needed to be in the top 15% in the nation.

Are you ready to rate yourself against the standards your parents had to meet in order to qualify?

Boy's Age Curl-ups Shuttle Run V-Sit Reach One Mile Run Pull-Ups

(# in 1 minute) (seconds) (inches) (min:sec) (#)

15 57 9 5 6:20 11

16 56 8.7 6 6:08 11

17 66 8.7 7 6:06 13

Girl's Age Curl-ups Shuttle Run V-Sit Reach One Mile Run Pull-Ups

(# in 1 minute) (seconds) (inches) (min:sec) (#)

15 48 10 8 8:08 2

16 45 10.1 9 8:23 1

17 44 10 8 8:15 1

*both tables are from 1985-1988. For more data see https://www.vcs.net/uploaded/athletics/Presidential_Testing_Standards.html?1442249271749

After testing yourself, why not start a conversation about fitness with a parent? Maybe even set up some type of workout plan for yourself and invite your mom, dad or a sibling to join you? It could be as simple as running on Monday/Wednesday/Friday with some weight training on Tuesday/Thursday.

Want a more detailed plan? Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alone or with a friend! If you want some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. Now is the time to GET IN SHAPE!

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